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What is the Charge Conference?


The Charge Conference is a meeting of the local church where the Leadership and Nominations Committee announces nominations for the various offices and committee heads for the following year. 


In conducting its work, the committee shall engage in biblical and theological reflections on the mission of the church, the primary task, and ministries of the local church. It shall provide a means of identifying the spiritual gifts and abilities of the membership. The committee shall work with the church council, or alternative administrative bodies, to determine the diverse ministry tasks ofthe congregationand the skills needed for leadership.


¶ 258.1. There shall be elected annually, by the charge conference in each local church, a committee on nominations and leadership development that is composed of professing members of the local church. The charge of this committee is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church (Part V, Chapter One, Section 1). 



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